In addition to illustration I also have a photography AND set and prop building background. I did a mentorship with the lovely Renate Pohl in the summer of 2011 we worked together me as her assistant for two projects, Le nozze di Figaro and Making Time with the Yanks. Unfortunately this was before I had a camera phone (I was very late to the smart phone game) and I broke my camera I think day 2 so I don't have any of the props I made and help make or of the sets I painted.

From August 2012 to August 2013 I worked for the now defunct, CPI Canada, the photography equivalent of a big box store but regardless I did learn a lot about the basics of portrait photography. Now I never learned lighting set ups until I attended a class with the Design teacher at my art school but I know like a million poses for itsy bitsy babies and families and the basics of the worlds largest DSLR camera (It was metal! I swear it weighed ten pounds!) 

So I thought I might share some of my portraits (Mostly of my lovely partner Christopher) and some landscapes of my former residence the greater St. John's Newfoundland area (please don't squee about NL at me it will be met with deaf ears.)