Soon we shall worship The Gospel

It has been a long time since I posted, eh?

Since I last posted I have drawn about 500 pictures, had my first show, oh I also wrote two books.

Yup the first two in a ‘pirate opera’ trilogy I’m working on. I just finished the first draft on the first one as It was originally just going to be one book but i decide to go back and split it into two and expand the back story of the two characters in the first half of the book.

So in total since May 25th when I first had a weird dream about a pirate boy I have written about 240,000 words. Not too shabby for a newbie like myself. Seeing as the biggest Harry Potter book is 257,045 words.

Now these books are, unlike Harry Potter, definitely not for children. They are about a family of pirates and they do pirate things, sex, drugs, murder, tax fraud, ya know what your average pirate would do in our world equivalent of 2022. I’m even doing research now for the final book in the trilogy about cults in which a character named Lexa infiltrates a death cult.

I have given the series the ironic title The Gospel it’s an in canon inside joke. The world I created doesn’t have gospels or any form of Abrahamic religion. Most people are pantheistic and worship sea gods. I’ve given the three books the tentative titles In the Beginning , The Prodigal Son, and The Three Wise Men.

A mock up cover I’ve taken to calling Pirate Jesus is the top image in my portfolio and was the centerpiece at my art show where I had a six foot by four foot copy of him printed… which didn’t sell obviously now he’s standing watch over the bed in my office.

If anyone wants a small copy of Pirate Jesus 8x10 send me a message I have several left as my show ended up largely being a bust. Oh well.

I’m going to try to find a literary agent probably sometime next year once i get my first novel professionally edited and see if I can get a mainstream publishing contract. I just don’t have the following on any form of social media to successfully market a book not appropriate for children and I have some health stuff that would impede self marketing and the like.